Dr. Angie Ray - Founder

Dr. Angie RayDr. Angie Ray dedicated her life to ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing assistance to the whole man, reaching humanity - one life at a time. Dr. Ray fell in love with Jesus and devoted her life totally to His servitude. Her love for Jesus grew deeper as she developed a life of prayer and consecration. She was often led to the lakefront to commune with the Lord.

In her early years of ministry, she formed the International Intercessory Prayer Guild – where 1000 women in white gathered together in intercessory prayer. Her ministry focus was of love, prayer, spiritual warfare, and deliverance where bishops, pastors, elders, mothers, the church community at large have been recipients of her anointed intercessory prayer ministry. She was noted as a "Pioneer of Deliverance". In 1989 she accepted the call and charge of pastoral ship and thus founded Angie Ray Ministries. - "Church on The Rock", which was established in her living room in Country Club Hills, Illinois. In 2001, the ministry purchased its present location in Matteson, Illinois.

One of Dr. Ray's favorite sayings throughout the years can be heard echoing throughout the land in the lives of the multitudes she touched: "Fall in Love with Jesus, Fall in love with His Word." Pastor, Dr. Angie Ray, a woman of faith, commitment and dedication.



Schedule of Services

Morning Worship
................. 11:00 a.m.

Evening Bible Study
.............. 7:30 p.m.

Anointed Prayer Services
.....12:00 p.m.


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ARM - Church On The Rock Headquarters
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